Read my journal in 2010. When I had my first video conference call interview. I was asked the 2 questions:
1. Describes the 3 strengths of yourself
2. What is your weakness(es) if any?

My answer at that point of time, the 3 strengths of myself are 1) flexibility 2) dedication & 3) creative
Why flexibility? I believe in any business environment, we need to be flexible to adapt any kind of requests (different business model adaptation), culture (as worldwide business, different culture will expect different response) and changes around us (these changes could be anything, political situation, rules & regulations changes ….etc).

I’m a very dedicated person, any assignments and goal set I will use my way to get it done.

Creativity, one should not blindly follow the book. Creativity and innovation way of work and ideas would lead to some unexpected results (sometime this could be negative or positive).

Weaknesses. I would not say there isn’t. Everyone has their own weakness, there is no perfect person in this world. My weakness can be annoying to someone else. I’m an impatient person and this could be the cause of my bad tempered. Well I will not throw a glass or punch people. However I choose to be silent. Silent treatment may not be the best solution, but for me this will be the best for me to control my emotion. This is what I learned over the years.

After 3 years, I have seen my improvement in emotional control. Maybe what had happened in the past, I’ve lost 2 loved one, lost some good friends (those whom i thought are closed), betrayal and accusations. Stress has never left me, but I found a way – diving to help me to release it.

There is still long way to go but I will continue to learn and control my emotion. :)

Managing Relationship

The relationship I’m referring to here is working relationship with your business partner or counter parts in your working environment. My job required me to work with different working levels. From the engineers to C-level. Sometimes I’m dealing with understanding people and sometimes some jerks or bitches. I will have no choice but still to maintain a good relationship with them. Trying to put aside any personal feeling on this.

However, I do really have “this” issue with this Lady. The first impression is bad enough that I wish I could walk out from the whole deal (I do in some ways to avoid it…. but it still my job). I do feel bad when I have such feeling towards someone, but I’ve been assured by so many people that have dealt with her before they do have the same feeling. So I “should” feel better isn’t it? Sometime i just hope that I don’t need to “face” her anymore.But work is work, I can’t escape from this horrible “thing”.

So how horrible is she? She delayed her business call to me for 4 months. I met her bosses in Paris, her boss assured to assigned the person in charge in Asia to further discuss how we should work together. The first email came which is rude enough that there is no formal address of Hi nor Dear nor nothing….. An Asian working in Asia don’t even fxxking know the fundamental respect? (I showed the email to my colleagues and they thought the same) But since I don’t know her well, so I take it as just the cultural different. The best part is the telephone call that we had. She din’t even do her homework on what company I’m from and asking the stupidest questions that can be found on the company website! And whatever she promised and not deliver and there is no further follow up call.

A year later, I met her bosses again in Paris. They asked me why we don’t have any deals in Asia? I simply say cause there is no one following up with me and I’m not in need of your products. :) The things went viral and we are back in game again. However there is no apologised nor anything from her (from the conversation from her boss, she denied everything). Anyway, I’m trying to put things behind but I don’t see the cooperation from them. Is it going to work out well? I don’t know since the heat of needs is now cool off. I got some alternatives workaround without them.

So far in my working life I think she is the second person I don’t feel like working with. The first is my ex-colleague who back-stabbed me and this B is the second. Of course there will be people like this come an go from our life. A reminder to myself just be cool. :)

Appreciation – A simple thanks

I travel quite a lot for the past few years for both professional and leisure. I usually take commercial airlines and sometimes budget airlines. It obvious that I travel budget for leisure… hahahaha …. well sometimes I do travel on commercial airlines for leisure too. The main difference to choose a budget airline is really the cost. However, not always that budget airlines is cheaper than commercial. Sometimes after all the add on, it almost the same price as the commercial airlines. Anyway, this is not what I want to say in this post. :p

Irregardless whether in which airlines you are. You are usually being greeted when you board the plane. “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” or “Welcome on board” or in other language depending on the airlines. After a few hours when you are arriving at the destination, you will see the cabin crews standing by the side to wish you have a great journey or welcome home or even just a thank you hope to see you again soon. Some people will think that this is their job. But how many have think that they are actually working hard on the flight, while the passenger enjoying the in flight entertainment or taking a nap. They walk up and down to prepare drinks/ food, answering the passengers queries, cleaning the tray after meals…. etc Not only this, they some time need to handle some unreasonable passengers requests or some medical emergency. It is really a tough and tiring job.

I’ve always been appreciating the hard work of others. For the cabin crews, the least I can do is to say thank you when I leave the aircraft. Not sure how many people will do that. But this is just a small gesture that I can show my appreciation to them for the services that they have provided through out the flight.

What about you? The next time when you travel would you be kind enough to say a thanks to them? :)


Human relationship (人际关系) is the most complicated things to handle in my personal experience. Not everyone will agree with you and each and everyone is an unique self.

I’ve involved in one issue involving “getting someone fired” from the organization. It is not an easy task for me. This is not me. I had lunch with my former boss and he is in this situation now. We discussed about this and he was telling his side of story to me. Lastly he asked “Are we able to do it with an “iron heart”, not feeling sorry nor anything to the person you are handling the letter to?” We both felt that it not easy not to be affected. We are the kind of person who adopting “flat organization”, everyone is like friend to us. In short we are not cold, cruel enough.

This remind me of the movie I watch sometimes ago, Up in the Air acted by George Clooney. It is a comedy drama film. In the movie, he works for a company who the client hired to “fire” their employees. He travels around the US to inform the employees of the client of their dismissal face to face. Later the company hired a young lady who recommend to do this via a video conference to save some cost of traveling. He against the idea and later proved that he is right. This is something I find disturbing as a career. Delivering bad news and handling people emotions. It definitely not a career that I would choose to have.

So back to my case how I handle the person that we (few partners) felt that he is not fit to be in the organization that we are building at the moment and should be asked to leave (or fired). The approach that I’m using is more time consuming. I started with factual explanation and interaction between 2 of us. When he is more comfortable then I share with him in a more straightforward approach. (all these done through emails communication). After a silent day, he joined in our weekly call and ask for our approval to resign from the team.

It is a relief for me as he did it but I’ve receive a feedback which make me think through days and nights. Just a line approximately “you bring a person to scarifies himself in the public and without criticize anyone or complaint anything”.

I’ve never thought of this before. My intention is to do it privately. But I can understand why he choose to do this as this to close the chapter nicely. Leaving a room for return in the future.

“永远为自己的后路留一扇门,在需要的时候可以任意的打开” Always keep a door for the escape route,use it freely when needed.

Social Week

This week has been my social week in Singapore. Been away and hiding behind the curtains for sometimes. Not doing it on purpose but hardly to find time with my schedule today. But I miss the talking, chatting, laughing time with all my friends. Since I’m in Singapore for the one whole week, I decided to make calls and plans with friends. A week of 5 days, 6-7 appointments the max I will do. Making use the time during lunch for a quick catch up and after work for dinner or drinks.

It is exhausting especially I will still spend 1-2 hours to catch up some works back home (sleep at odd hours and woke up the next morning like a panda!) but I’m feeling good at the same time. It always good to catch up with friends, have a good laugh, talk nonsense here and there. Been really stressed out for the past few months. This month is the worst. With the new portfolio, things that I’m working on, study and house renovation. I’ve been struggling to balance my life. But life goes on, I have friends around me who cares and can make me laugh and relieve my stress. :)

Of course not all the catch up ended up with happy ending, I do sometimes bring some burden with me too. It been awhile I meet meet up with J. The last we met was about 6 months ago. Tried to contact him several times but no response. With my schedule I did not really do a good follow up with him. Apparently he is the one who is really hiding from everyone. I was so happy that he finally replied my message and make an appointment with me for dinner together. I know about all his problems through our common friends but he never mentioned about it to me personally. I would love to help him in anyway. We know each other for almost 10 years now. Been close to each other 5-6 years ago. He is a brilliant guy, I always look up to him when I needed some advises in both personal and professional matters. I do hope that he will be more open to me too. Even though he did share some of his problems to me but still hiding something else. I wish I could help more.

After the dinner with J, I met up with P for a drink to catch up where we left out last on his visit in Paris. Have some good feedback and it makes my day. :) Before we bid goodbye, he gave me a homework to do. The question is to find what is the purpose of my life with 3 answers and list with the priority of each of them. I’m surprise that I was caught without able to provide an answer. I think it will take sometimes to answer this but I found the closest to my heart today. The quote below:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

I will write more when I finally get the answer. :)

This week thanks to PS for her gift – it suppose to be a farewell catch up for her before she move to Shanghai. I did not get her anything but in turn she gave me the shisha bottle. Feel bad though…. thinking I should get her something for her bday. :)

Thanks M & C for the dinner and laughter. Can see that I’m very tired but you gals make my day!

The social week to continue in KL but with breaks in between. ^^