Read my journal in 2010. When I had my first video conference call interview. I was asked the 2 questions:
1. Describes the 3 strengths of yourself
2. What is your weakness(es) if any?

My answer at that point of time, the 3 strengths of myself are 1) flexibility 2) dedication & 3) creative
Why flexibility? I believe in any business environment, we need to be flexible to adapt any kind of requests (different business model adaptation), culture (as worldwide business, different culture will expect different response) and changes around us (these changes could be anything, political situation, rules & regulations changes ….etc).

I’m a very dedicated person, any assignments and goal set I will use my way to get it done.

Creativity, one should not blindly follow the book. Creativity and innovation way of work and ideas would lead to some unexpected results (sometime this could be negative or positive).

Weaknesses. I would not say there isn’t. Everyone has their own weakness, there is no perfect person in this world. My weakness can be annoying to someone else. I’m an impatient person and this could be the cause of my bad tempered. Well I will not throw a glass or punch people. However I choose to be silent. Silent treatment may not be the best solution, but for me this will be the best for me to control my emotion. This is what I learned over the years.

After 3 years, I have seen my improvement in emotional control. Maybe what had happened in the past, I’ve lost 2 loved one, lost some good friends (those whom i thought are closed), betrayal and accusations. Stress has never left me, but I found a way – diving to help me to release it.

There is still long way to go but I will continue to learn and control my emotion. :)


曾几何时是很要好的朋友, 渐渐的不知什么时候开始疏远了。








好久好久都没参加过朋友的婚礼,更别说是喜宴。今年收到不少的请帖,但很多时候是因为工事不在而无法参加。身边的朋友,嫁的嫁娶的娶,有的孩子也几个了,所以剩女无几了。。嘻嘻~(ehem,敏感话题,别问我~)因为我工作的关系,很多时候都不能太早答应出不出席。所以也搞得朋友们不好意思把请帖给寄过来。但不管有没有请帖,红包都不会少。 除了刚好我家办白事时请我的朋友,因为pantang没法给红包,不好意思。多多包涵。